A Different Approach to Peacebuilding

Peace cannot be built from the outside, and it is more than the mere absence of violence. We help those concerned to sustainably build their own peace.


Building on decades-long experience, CatImpact experts lead or support mediation efforts at national and at grassroots level.


Dialogue for Peace

From participatory conflict analysis through simulations, participants in CatImpact-led dialogues rebuild social fabric through frank dialogue.

Strategy Development

Through rigorous reflections on strategic positioning and priorities, the impact and sustainability of your programs and actions will be considerably enhanced.

Transitional Justice

For peace to be sustainable, past violence needs to be addressed, victims need to be acknowledged; Trust in neighbors and in government must be rebuilt.


Focusing on the African Great Lakes region, the network of CatImpact experts support your activities with top quality political and conflict analysis.

About Us

We are a team of exceptionally experienced professionals in peacebuilding, mediation, dialogue for peace and much more. We contribute our skills and experience to help you achieve a profound and sustainable impact for the promotion of peace.

We put our experience and expertise in the service of national and international institutions who want to increase the impact of their engagement throughout the world. 

We are catalysts for impact: CatImpact Sàrl 

Trusted by Prestigious Partners

Previous and present partners of our experts include:

United Nations


Inter-Governmental Organizations

Civil Society Organizations

Catalysts for New Perspectives


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